Erica Lynn Fortina

A tribute to the most wonderful woman I know.

What words can describe the ideal woman? For her birthday, I asked A.I. to create images of the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, kind, loving, caring woman in the world, and this is what it created.

Images of my love.

About Erica

Erica Lynn Fortina is a hero. She’s not the kind of hero you see in movies, although she is certainly beautiful enough to appear in any major motion picture. She’s the kind of hero that you only recognize after spending considerable time with her, and seeing the way she interacts with others.

Erica loves people. She thinks about them, cares for them, fights for them, helps them, heals them. She puts others first, goes out of her way to do favors, and she knows everything happening in the lives of her family and friends. She’s right there when you need her.

Shades of Erica

Beauty Inside & Out

The more you know Erica, the more beautiful she becomes. You see the many sides of her, the shades of her joy, passion, obsessions, and tastes.  The more you see her smile, the more enchanting her countenance. The more you see the joy in her eyes, the more irresistible her charm. The more you know her heart, the more radiant she appears. The deeper you know her, the more beautiful she becomes inside and out.

Nature Lover

Like an elf in the forest, or a Lord of the Rings princess, Erica glides through nature like a second home, and communicates the purity of life with every step. She loves the trees, the waters, the rocks. She loves the birds and their songs. If you see her stopping by the side of the road, she is usually admiring the foliage. She loves the flowers, and they love her. 

A Modern Wonder Woman

Erica strives to do it all and be it all in the modern world. She is wise and intelligent, a modern career woman, a master in social work and psychology, she nearly never scores less than perfect.  She is also the ideal partner and spouse, with skills in the kitchen that would make Chef Ramsay jealous. She serves God. She somehow has time to do it all, and still show up to any event looking effortlessly elegant. 

Spicy Italian

Erica’s Italian side knows the spice of life. It’s not too much, not too little. It’s subtle, and it’s natural. It’s never forced. It’s always fresh.  But don’t let her subtly and elegance fool you – if you cross her, you will feel the bite of this spice!

A Real life Superhero

Erica is as real as they come! She’s not fantasy, she’s better. She’s the real deal. She lives her life for God and to help the needy. She’s honest, sometimes too honest. She’s usually exactly right about whatever she remembers. She’s strikingly intelligent, stunningly beautiful, and even AI fantasty art can’t do justice to the true beauty in her heart. She is a real life superhero in a world that is desparate for heroes.  

Erica Fortina:

A Love story, by Ryan Brown. 

And they lived happily ever after…